How to create the perfect in home gallery with your photos


Hello Design Lovers! 

Today we are learning some easy steps that will help you to create a gallery wall. What is a Gallery Wall?

Look around your room and find that empty wall that needs some love. That will be your Gallery wall where you will have fun showing family photos and artwork.

Trust me when done right, this is actually a very timeless and traditional way to display a collection of artwork.

Learn these 10 simple STEPS to show your art at its best.


Where should I do my gallery wall?

It could be at the entrance of a tiny apartment, in a  corridor, at the staircase, or even in your bathroom. Hanging Artwork and Photos in groupings can create an exciting look for any room.


Have fun choosing your best family and friends’ photos or some unique artwork you have bought on your last trip or you have painted a long time ago. It sounds overwhelming, so decide if you want to show just a pair of artwork or if you would like to group more together. Pick just 10/12 items for now!


Look Around your house and choose which kind of Frames will look good with your paint, door frames, and crown molding. A Fun way to build a gallery wall is to pick different frames from different stores, and flea markets to create your unique style.

If your home is more modern or you don’t have time or patience to collect different frames stick with simple black and white frames.


If you have large artwork the simplest grouping is a pair: two pieces of art, framed identically. They can be placed side by side or one over the other, in an even or uneven manner.

Gallery Wall: Another simple grouping might be three or more pieces of art of varying sizes. Each piece must be framed in the style and color that works best for that individual item. It will look best if one work of art is quite large, while the companion pieces are of smaller sizes.

TIP:  For an easy way to set up a grouping wall in your home or office, spread your artwork over the floor in front of the wall area where it will hang. 


Rearrange the smaller items around one or two larger pieces until the grouping has a look of harmony. Take care to have faces looking into the center of your arrangement. Watch for a rhythmic flow of colors, shapes, and media.

Interior of stylish room with modern workplace and pictures


Imagine your items hung low over the furniture or trailing to the baseboard for a designer look. 


The less fun part: we design walls without thinking about what’s already there.  Take light switches, outlets, and heat ducts into consideration so you don’t end up having a beautiful photo hanging on top of your hold yellow switch!


If you have time create a template cutting newspaper or kraft paper to size for each item. Work out the “floor” design using these templates. Hang the “paper” items on the wall using small pieces of removable tape. Make needed adjustments. Use a straight pin or pencil to mark the spots where hooks should be nailed. 

9) Hang and enjoy. 

Look now at the ” wall arrangement” , if it looks “perfect”, move each item to the wall in the same relative position.

Here a youtube videos on how to hang artwork correctly

10) FUN.

And our BONUS TIP: Have Fun!

Wear your smile, start looking at Pinterest, Google, and Instagram and find the gallery wall style that suits you more or create your own.

Woman hanging blank photo frames on wall

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